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Month: July 2020



Every day, another hobby setup. Reloading bench is back up and running, and my microelectronics lab is setup.

I have a new 6.5CM barrel for one of my Sako TRG22s, but still have yet to get the factory barrel off. I may need a hydraulic vise.

You can tell the electronics stuff is setup for an old dude by the prevalence of optical aids. I just can’t do those 0402 by eye alone.

I also setup my old Flex-5000 radio, which mean I need to figure out what I am doing antenna wise. I still have my HF9V at the old house that needs to be taken down, and I have a couple of wire antennas I might put up here to get me started. Going from the house to one of the trees would work for a G5RV with just enough center element height. It isn’t the most ideal direction (NW), but it will at least have some radiation in E/W direction.